Alice O'Hanlon

Creative archiving

for creative practices


I work closely with clients to advise them on the management, care and use of existing archives, and in the case of live settings, to find creative and meaningful ways to capture ongoing activity. I am able to help develop strategic and long-term planning, through to assisting with the practical steps that go into managing an archive.

This could be working with an artist to create an inventory of their works and exhibitions, which is then linked to a catalogue of archive material such as sketchbooks, photographs, press coverage and digital files. It may be that they also require assistance with storing their archive long-term, or with collating information and materials in preparation for an exhibition or publication.

It could involve working with a design practice to manage their archive of sketches, models and digital filing, as well as developing processes for capturing and documenting current projects. Or it might entail assisting a cultural institution with developing a strategic vision for their archive, raising funds, overseeing cataloguing and digitisation projects, or creating an online platform.